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>> Monday, June 13, 2011

What's up with Mondays? It's like the day that auditioned to be part of the weekend but didn't make the cut, so it got booted to waiting tables at the first day of the McWork Week. I'm finding a trend with Mondays. For as detailed or generalized as I plan my Monday, the plans never happen. Take today--please. 'Cause it's Monday. But really, take today. I planned to get all the laundry washed and folded. That's it. I even wrote it down on a pad of paper with a portrait of the Schlossers on it. They sell real estate. I drew a pointy mustache and goatee on Mrs. Schlosser. But I digress. I washed one, maybe two, dishes, but only because I had to use them. I didn't even go outside. Not even a foot out of the door. The entirety of my day was spent corralling, soothing, juggling, containing, and not flipping out over my two-year-old and her two-ness, and my four-month-old and his--what I am sure is his bowel-function-related--inconsolable-ness. I just put him to bed 10 minutes ago. I wiped up chicken juice off of the counter 5 minutes ago, because I've really been that occupied for the past 6 hours. Actually, I did play about 20 minutes of Dominion with Aaron around 8pm, because when he asked if I wanted to play it, I lamented how I didn't get anything done today, so he told me to forget about the housework and spend time with him instead. So I did.

So what was good about today, other than 20 minutes of spending time with Aaron? I got my computer back from the doctor's today. It had a near-death experience. Again. I did not lose my antiquated version of Photoshop, which I desperately need. I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans for the first time and was able to button it and not hinder my mobility or nettle the laws of physics. I also ate approximately 15 chocolate covered almonds. This may turn out to be a dark, bloated rain cloud on my jean felicity come morning, but they did taste good.

So, Monday, I bid you farewell. Your hour is almost up. Like hornets, I'm not exactly sure why God created you, but there you are. Perhaps one day we will learn to get along, but for now, I will appreciate you as the day that makes me appreciate all the more the other six days of the week.


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