And welcome to my little plot of cyber space. Occasionally, I stop by here to empty an over-full brain after a day of shaping the lives of those who will be the next generation of leaders and informers of our culture (for better or for worse, depending on how much sleep I got the night before). No, I'm not the President, Prime Minister, or teacher in an Ivy-League school. I'm just a mom who belongs to an over-compensating God. I'm wife to Aaron, the best person that's ever happened to me. I carry about 16 job titles, one of which (Graphic Designer) I even get paid for from time to time!

I'm being extremely stubborn learning daily how to live with eternity in mind but, to tell you the truth, I often find myself just praying that I won't lose my cool with the kids day-in and day-out, so I'm constantly on the lookout for people, environments, books, the arts, and ideas that will lend me a walking stick in that upward hike. It may be tough, but the views are amazing if you look for them.

Trail mix, anyone?



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