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>> Monday, May 3, 2010


I admit it.

I'm a blogger.

A multiple blogger.

In fact, just tonight, I created another blog. And then I remembered that I was working on this one. Truth be told, I've been avoiding this blog like the plague. More like a bad cold, but whatever. I've been promising myself that I would tie up all my flailing, rabid blogs into a single orderly, obedient, house-trained one, but I just haven't gotten the chutzpah to put it up. Why?

Because that header has been driving me bonkers.

It's gone from boring photo of an orange tree, to something Martha Stewart would stamp on her newest 600-thread-count-whatever. But I needed something different. 'Cause I'm an artist, and that's what artists do. We drive ourselves crazy with the cosmic implications of the color "rust" vs. "burnt orange."

No, they are not the same color.

And isn't it fitting that I should just throw something up there that I scratched out in about ten seconds? Story of my life.

Anyway. Here it is, in all it's random, tied-together goodness. You want a philosophical waxing eloquently? It's here. You want a sentimental waxing? Here also. You want a floor waxing? Well, I don't do floors, as my floors are ample evidence, but that's ok, it gives me more time to blog.

Welcome to this backyard--where this random, tied-together life happens!



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