The Great Experiment, Day 1

>> Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love a clean kitchen. Which is why I'm very scared for mine. You see, I've been suspecting for some time that I've been tending to it too much, and one may not guess that for at least a couple days out of the week when my constant vigilance isn't exactly apparent, but for having two kids under the age of 2, it may as well be presented on a silver platter to the Queen of England. But it's occurred to me that I just care too much about it, which has bumped down the importance of other things more worthy of my attention, like kids. Oh, not that I don't spend ample time with them, but that my attitude while with them is house-bent instead of home-bent.

Which brings me to The Great Experiment that I have begun today. I have been in burn-out mode for who knows how long, partly because the Lord's Day has not been a day of rest for me. Rather, it's been a catch-up for whatever I couldn't get to during the week, with my motivation being that I want everything "ready to go" by Monday morning. But now that I have children (I still can't believe I can use the plural word), I'm especially aware that I am teaching them how to live by my example, which is enough to scare me into better habits, and quick, God help me. Which led me to consider my priorities, or rather, led me to consider what I would want their priorities to be, not only to keep the Sabbath holy, but to go about the other six days of the week so that the Sabbath remains holy.

Well, the diagnostic was painful, the diagnosis isn't pretty, and the treatment is downright frightening, because it involves the possibility that my kitchen, and the rest of my house, may burst into flames for neglect, and requires me putting more faith in God that He will bless my mindset more than my elbow grease.

So like I said, today was Day One of this experiment in faith. That is, To not only shuffle my priorities into something that looks different than a Molly Maid employee's, but to have it be altogether disposable when that is what's needed.

Today's Highlights

  • I read a Bible verse this morning and even remembered the gist of it later in the day (Found in Ephesians 5, about making the most of your time and making a point to understanding the Lord's will--very apropos).
  • I got my toddler, Gwen, up from her nap time only to find her covered in poo. I wasn't planning on disinfecting her and her room today, so it was a good thing I had already allowed my schedule to let s*** happen.

  • So because of the above highlight, instead of reacting to my disobedient (how many times do I have to tell her not to put her hand down her diaper?!), trouble-making child, I reacted to my poor hasn't-had-a-nap-in-two-days baby girl. And my two-month-old, Caden, took an extra long nap, allowing me to take care of business. God must have known.
  • My poor hasn't-had-a-nap-in-two-days baby girl had been on the verge of meltdown since breakfast, but instead of extra punishments, there were extra hugs and extra time outside. Instead of me cleaning up the living room in 3 minutes flat, we spent 20 minutes together while we found things to put away and made it peaceful to be in once more. We lit a yummy smelling cinnamon candle, and after dinner we danced to some happy rock music. Right before I put her to bed an hour early.

  •  I got half of a thank-you note written.
  • I watched an episode of The Office with Caden and laughed.

  • I did not clean the kitchen. It is starting to smolder. And I think I'm ok with that.


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